Typescript Quiz Preparation Part 2

Welcome to your Typescript Quiz Preparation Part 2

Which keyword is used to declare a module as an ECMAScript module in TypeScript?

How do you declare a variable status that can only be assigned values 'success' or 'error' in TypeScript?

In TypeScript, what happens if you try to assign a value that is not part of a union literal type?

How can you create a union type Direction that represents only 'left', 'right', or 'center' in TypeScript?

Which method from the Inquirer library is used to prompt the user for input in a TypeScript application?

How do you install any library in a TypeScript project using npm?

In ECMAScript modules, how can you import a default export from another module?

What is a benefit of using TypeScript's export = syntax for module exports?

What is the purpose of using union literals in TypeScript?

How can you import and use named exports sum and multiply from an ECMAScript module in TypeScript?

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